Oystercatcher - Haematopus ostralegus

Ardnamurchan Wildlife - Oystercatcher
Canon 800mm f5.6 for 1/1000th @ iso400

Whilst out searching the Loch for otters - I stopped at one of the usual pull in places off the single track road that follows the coastline of Ardnamurchan.

Despite a number of trips along the same stretch of Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil - there was no sign of the Otters.

A single Oystercatcher siting out the high tide on Loch Eil - presented a brief photographic opportunity.

On the same stretch of road a Merganser was preening itself on the rafts of sea weed - flighty and ever watchful by the time I had created a chance to photograph it - the bird had returned to the Loch and was a quarter of the way across it and away from me.

Closer to "home" an Otter visited the house beach and bay but always at dusk - and a number of evenings were spent just watching it fish and search the shoreline.