"One for sorrow"

05th January 2013
Two for mirth.
Three for a wedding.
Four for a death

As I understand it, that is the original version - different variations have been produced over the past couple of hundred years or so changing the "meanings" and adding to the number of birds. So now we have three for a boy and four for a girl etc.

So one it is !!

Interestingly the name or type of bird changes in the States as they have fewer Magpies, but the "family" remains the same Corvids, thought by some and linked to bearers of bad luck, a family of birds associated with "bad omens" and the such like.

Well it arrived - "it" being the New Year - 2013 - (the number 13 and 1 magpie - where will this all end ?) funnily enough despite the numerous wishes of a prosperous New Year and all that kind of "stuff" - it did not improve my success at the lottery nor did a kindly benefactor substantially increase my bank balance and enable early retirement or even semi-retirement - I ain't fussy would do either one.

What I did get though was a "heads-up" to some Barn Owl and Hare locations, so it's not all bad news.

Hares just do not seem as common as they used to be - I remember in my younger days that Altcar and the surrounding Moss was full of Hares.

In more recent years I have driven those same country roads that I either used to walk or cycle and not seen a single one.

So challenges for 2013 - well one is to improve the standard of images on this site, six months into starting this website it has had a fair few number of visits, and I have been able to get a number of UK Wildlife photographs.

What I have noticed though during this six months is that I have missed or ignored some of the more "common" birds and mammals, such as Gulls and Rabbits, so they for the next few months are not going to be ignored !!!

Gulls - having looked at other people's websites - Gulls seem to be an art in themselves - I had not realised just how many different types there are.

Moore Nature Reserve having been a landfill site and now having a landfill site "next door" to it attracts hundreds of Gulls, and I mean hundreds - some sight when they are "spooked" and take to the sky.

I have lost count of the amount of times Steve and I have been accosted by some scope wielding indivual asking have we seen such and such a Gull when we have been on a wander around Moore.

Talking of Moore - I have deleted the Moore Nature Reserve link from my links page - the website is under construction following the Company changing name or some such matter and the link simply went to an "under construction" message.

However, Moore Nature Reserve does have a Facebook page, personally I am not on Facebook but here is the link for anyone who wants to "like" or whatever it is that you do on Facebook Click Here

Jays are part of the same family as the Magpie, a family that included, Jackdaws, Crows, Rooks and Ravens, did you know they demonstrate "self awareness" - in mirror tests !

I do like Jays they are very "charasmatic" characters - second only to Ravens in my opinion in terms of the likeable factor.

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