Attempted "murders"

01st September 2012
Well the week has rolled on and I have only been able to get out one evening this week, the light is fading fast and by 7pm it is touch and go if there is cloud on the horizon.

As Steve is "missing in action" under canvas somewhere in the UK - at least the weather has held up for him.

I made a solo journey to see if the Owls were about after a text from Paul to tell me one was hunting regularly - it was n't the evening I was there !!

I decided to drive the "circuit" - those that know it can imagine my suprise or should I say "horror" at meeting another 4 x 4 coming in the opposite direction - that took some "breathing in" for the two us to pass each other.

Herons appear to be abundant at the moment and are now in reasonable numbers on some of the ponds and streams.

So I found nothing to point the camera at this morning - not suprising really as I was not out until after 10.

Did bump into Pete looking for Kingfishers.

He was "freshly" returned from the Maldives - having had encounters with Turtles, sharks and Mantas - his wife is looking to see when they can get back there - not a massive suprise !!!

As I drove back home my mind was on distant beaches and seas, the people who will be out there this September, the boat crews and island "team" who make sure your stay is everything you want it to be.

Due to a new arrival in January - for the first time in a very long time I will not be there this September and will be spending my Birthday (my wifes Birthday and Wedding Anniversary) in the UK, instead of being on a little blue dhoni on a very blue sea under very blue skies, waiting for sailfish !

As the afternoon went by the weather held - it had been forecast to rain - so with a promise to back in an hour or so - I headed off.

Opening the front door there was a flurry of activity and feathers floating in the breeze.

On the floor was a Sparrowhawk with a pigeon in it's grip.

What could I do but ignore it look away, get round the corner and "leg" it to the car to get the camera.

Camera out and fortuneatly I had my 200mm lens with me.

Camera and lens attached I made my way back to the front door, both where still there the pigeon locked in the vice like grip of the Sparrowhawks talons.

When I first saw them they had both been in the sun (that 6pm golden sun) but the pigeon still very much alive had tried to escape when I had appeared and the pair had now fluttered into the shade of the building - fiddling with settings and cranking up the iso I managed a shot or two.

The Sparrowhawk gave me what can only be described as look of disgust and took off, leaving the pigeon alive but minus a good number of feathers.

I went on my way - in search of foxes.

The evening light was golden and the sun warm - I was not the only one taking advantage of tt's dying rays and a fox appeared - stalking the Magpies.

So no luck or dinner for either the Sparrowhawk or Fox.

The Rabbit just stood and watched the whole Magpie "hunt" from the sidelines, but he could be next - it's a long dark night ahead !


Photo comment By Elsie: This is excellent from Elsie
Photo comment By Ken Duke: Excellent photography.
Photo comment By Ellen: Great pics leaving no imagination tothenarrative.Luv the style
Photo comment By kimlouise: fabulous work, really greatl

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