Evening Sunshine

29th July 2012
I was up early today and ready to get out - but dark clouds and virtually no light kept me in - so coffee and Sky news were the order of the morning.

By the time we were out doing the weekly shopping the sun was creeping through the clouds and blue sky was appearing.

Our Sunday visitors came and went and now the blue sky was dotted with large fluffy white clouds and a low sun - so with "permission" granted it was into the car and off out for an hour.

As luck would have it the lanes were empty - most people either having dinner at this time or watching the Olympics (how much longer does that last !!!).

Steve was unable to get out so I was on my own - I settled into the brambles and nettles, with the sun behind me and waited...

I did n't have to wait too long before a fox appeared - staring in my direction with the sun in his eyes, I clicked the shutter a couple of times, and he stared more intently perhaps if I had held off pressing the shutter he would have come further forward - he decided to retreat and disappeared into the undergrowth.

Time moved on, a squirrel made it's way across the clearing and a couple of rabbits ventured out to enjoy the evening sunshine.

Next thing was that a movement to my left caught my eye and I caught the eye of a fox - it had come out of the undergrowth and was now literally at my side, this was not a photographic opportunity as it was too close - I sat still and the fox keeping it's eye on me walked underneath the end of the lens and side stepped the front leg of the tripod.

The fox walked right on by and before going into the undergrowth on my right gave me what could only be described a filthy look.

Whilst having a phone conversation on what we should have for dinner and the time I would be back home, a rabbit ran down an embankment with a fox in full pursuit, a streak of red in the sunshine with a great big bushy tail flowing behind it. What a sight - a bit of curse and the phone went to the floor - too late another shot missed, and added to the list to get another time.

After a minute or so the fox returned to sit in the sunshine, the rabbit had obviously run fast enough to live another day.

After a short spell of sitting he got up and "annointed" the ground in a couple of places walked the length of the bank and disappeared out of sight.

Time to go home....

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