Ice Traveller...

07th December 2020
The ice arrived and that was it - despite the cold it had to be done - so a trip to sit in the freezing cold.

So meeting up with a couple of the regulars - who all due to additional layers of clothing looked like middle aged spread had arrived.

The air was crisp and cold, the ground frozen solid. The lake a sheet of ice the red beds draped in ice and the heads of the reeds not even moving in the light breeze - due to the ice covering them.

Very little stirred and settling down the wait began...

The sun shone but it did little if anything to stop the ice cold from finding a gap in the clothing and that's when it becomes mind over cold !!

In the still and cold air a Bittern moving through the reeds will give it's location up - the sharp crack of a stick or reeds cracking and a tell tale sign of the tops of the reeds moving - neither are massive signal fire like signs just a mere movement of the reed heads as the bird bumps into the stalks.

It will give you the idea that is on the move and or where it is - on this occasion it sat beneath - just on the inside of the reeds two or three stalks into the reed bed - and as Bitterns do it stood and stood and stood - all the time the ice cold creeping into the body.

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