Little Owl - Athene noctua

Little Owl - Graham Manson Photography
Canon 400mm f3.5 for 1/400th @ iso1000

A Little Owl at dusk seeking out insects and worms on the horse paddock. The Little Owl for me is a great bird to see and it did take sometime to start getting photographs of these enigmatic owls.

Like buses all of a sudden they seem to be everywhere my next door neighbour telling me of a pair not 5 minutes from home !

The problem being to date is that the photographic opportunities have all been in low light - perseverance will no doubt offer opportunities. Otherwise if all else fails a trip to Steve's house will be the order of the day, as the roost or next in his neighbours chimney and are often out and about in the late afternoon.

Before the month closes I would like to give the 1DX Mk2 a run out on Red Kites - just back from a trip to Minorca no camera and plenty of kites above the hotel.

I keep thinking about taking the camera and probably will next time I visit - if for no other reason to get some shots of the Turtle Doves.