Brent Goose - Branta bernicla

Brent Goose - Branta bernicla - Sea and Shore
Canon 800mm f8 for 1/640th @ iso400

A bit of a break from trying to get Fieldfare "isolated" and out of the middle of the Rowan trees - the very day I take a break from it - at the Thrush and Waxwing venue the Fieldfare performed sitting on the end or at the top of the trees

The UK population of UK Brent Geese Brent was almost wiped out back in the 1930's when their main food source, eelgrass, was devastated by disease.

There are three forms of Brent Geese dark-bellied, pale-bellied and black.

From a photographic point of view they are not my first choice to photography as they never really seem to do much !