Red Squirrels

24th December 2019
The Red Squirrel is probably "up there" on the UK publics favourite wild animal list.

Immortalised by Beatrix Potters in - "The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin" - where a Red Squirrel nearly becomes a snack for "Old Brown" after tormenting him with riddles..... - today people are still trying to decipher the meanings of the riddles of Squirrel Nutkin !!

The Red Squirrel although it has declined throughout much of the UK does have a few remaining strongholds left.

The Grey was introduced into the UK during Victorian times from North America.

It is a bigger animal than the Red and around about 60% of the Grey population carry the Squirrel Pox disease. The Grey Squirrel is unlike the Red immune to the disease.

Reportedly there are approx 66 Grey Squirrels to every Red Squirrel in the UK.

Did you know the Red Squirrel is either left handed or right handed !

Red Squirrels have five toes and four fingers.

The females are solely responsible for bringing up the young - litters are usually between 1 and 6 kittens.

Predators who hunt the Red Squirrel include Pine Martens, Owls and Hawks.

The Red Squirrel is an omnivore.

Red Squirrels moult their ear tufts once a year in the autumn.

They do not hibernate, but remain "indoors" during severe cold spells.

"Indoors" for the Red Squirrel is called a dray.

The Red Squirrel comes down trees head first !


Photo comment By Louise: These pics are fantastic Graham!
Photo comment By Jeff C.: The pictures are glorious; thank you for posting them.

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